Perfumes For When You Want to Be Drowning in Roses

I have terrible eyesight, petals. I had the coke bottle glasses in primary school, and couldn’t wait for the luxury and invisibility of contact lenses. I now cannot wait for the day that I muster the courage (and the money) for laser eye surgery; imagine the joy of waking up in the morning and not having things blurry!

But my nose…oh, my nose…is the equivalent of 21/20 vision. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind, remains one of my favourite books of all time because, aside from the beauty of the story, I very much feel a kinship to the main character Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (not entirely a good thing, if you’ve read it).

I think the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer also does a bang up job of bringing together the feel of the book it’s based on,  but until scratch ‘n sniff becomes a real thing I will have to content myself to ordinary sensory explorations in the every day world.

I will add as an extra aside that my pregnant bestie is now starting to have a sense of smell SOMETHING close to mine, but I like to think she doesn’t have the finesse to understand the things her superhuman nostril sensors are passing through to her brain. Haha. Smell snob, much?


And what do I like best in perfumes? Roses. So that it smells to you like you’re flooded with them.

Not your granny’s undies roses. Rather your Damascans, your tahitians, your sweeps of peony and swallows of turkish, the most musk of muskish roses.

Here are a few recent ones I’ve enjoyed:

IMG_1081Attar de Roses by Keiko Mecheri

Jo Malone Red Rose Cologne 30ml/1.0 Fl oz.

Rose Perfection by Robert Piguet

Byredo Rose Of No Man’s Land Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.6oz

I’m going to do a series about fragrances, and maybe some specific reviews on perfumes that I have in my own collection.

Do you have a favourite rose perfume, petals?


The Rose.

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