Losing Weight and Toning Up

Hey, petals!

So. I saw a picture of myself the other day on Facebook.

Yes, even though I have deactivated my Facebook account, I did go on for five damn minutes to see if I could download pictures of my dog from when he was a puppy…

Big mistake. Huge.

Lo and behold, my friend had loaded up an “attractive” photo of me and another friend.

You know those friends, right? The ones who seem to have no qualms posting everything and anything of themselves, and revel in posting 10 photos of the same thing with their incredibly white teeth and perfectly made up even though YOU look terrible in every single one. And you’re sweaty, no less.

Well, this photo was posted and let me tell you, I was not happy.

In fact, looking at myself in this photo, I was nothing less than stricken.

First I was visibly larger than my friend who had just had a baby, and second, I have started, in my 30s, to develop flab that just wasn’t quite so flab-bish previously.

For half an hour after viewing the monstrosity I cried to my partner on the lounge. Do I REALLY look like that, I wailed. Nooooo, you do not look like that in real life, he said. My boyf is a blessing in my life. Of course I couldn’t believe him.


While I’m not morbidly obese or even obese, I AM overweight for my height, and I’m really getting tired of looking and feeling like this. But I’m not going to get MAD. I’m going to get even. This is what I’m trialling in an effort to reach my goal weight:

Calorie Counting with MyFitnessPal

When I lost weight a couple of years ago (which slowly crept back on when I stopped, mind you), it was all due to the CalorieKing website, where I could track my caloric intake. There have been a lot more fandangled apps that have taken on this calorie-counting burden since those years, and MyFitnessPal seems the most straightforward approach.

Apparently if I restrict myself to 1400 cals each day, I’ll reach my goal weight within the year. Watch this space.


Intermittent fasting is something I’ve been about 70% committed to over the past few months. It’s actually not that difficult for me to do, as long as I’m busy in the morning I can generally go through til lunch before wigging out on food. But if I’ve been drinking the night before, it’s an egg and bacon wrap STAT – and downhill from there…

Tone it Up and Get Fit with Whit

These gals are my go-to YouTubers when I want to try out some physical activity in a pretence of actually one day having my body look like their bodies. Whitney Simmons in particular is the same height as me and from what I’ve seen of her ‘Before’ photos, I might actually be in with a chance because we appear to have similar body types. Fitspo, right thur.


Dancing in the loungeroom

Yep, I love dancing in the loungeroom.


I have a NutriBullet that currently sits lonely and crying in the kitchen. Again, it’s one of those things that’s actually super easy to use and should be good for habit-forming. I just lost the habit.


So what ingredients do I most like? Bananas, Jalna yoghurt (strawberry is my absolute fave), baby spinach, blackberries, avocado…shouldn’t be too hard, right?

How are you going today, petals? Anyone had any experience in losing weight or not feeling their best? Anyone wanna DO THIS PLAN WITH ME? C’mon, we can hold each other accountable! Or at least, hold my hand.


The Rose

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