You Are A Badass At Making Money, by Jen Sincero

Hi, petals! I hope you’ve been having the BESTEST day.

I’ve just finished reading You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. Would I recommend it? I would, but with caveats.

Jen’s brand of ‘badass’ couldn’t have come at a better time – she has carved herself a place in the #girlboss #grind #hustle niche (albeit a very mainstream ‘niche’), and western women are crying out for more of the “you ARE a special snowflake, you just have to believe you’re a special snowflake and then every dream of yours can come true.”

Certainly there’s a place for this optimism. You Are A Badass is cheerful, joyous even, in its lack of structure. There are mantras and meditations and little takeaways to  make you stop and take notice. I found it engaging and easy to speed through, and the book definitely is saying something important with all the mistaken beliefs people have about not deserving money or believing that money is dirty or only brings unhappiness.

But the strength of this book is also a significant weakness, if you take it too seriously and apply everything she says without caution to your own financial situation.

Sincero’s view is dangerously optimistic – jump on in and go into loads of credit card debt so you can pay the life coach thats asking for thousands of well-earned dollars from you; you’ll be TOTALLY FINE and won’t regret it, YOU’LL SEE.


I was a little unnerved by the idea that she turned up on her friend’s doorstep to beg for an $85,000 loan. Who has a friend that can do that? It was an interesting, inspiring read, but I won’t be taking its advice too seriously.

Have you read it, petals? Are you planning to?


The Rose

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