Podcasts I am currently obsessed with

Yo, petals!

Hi, I’m a podcast obsessor. Along with books and movies and TV series, they’re going to be referenced a lot on this blog. I binge listen to that shiz ALL DAMN DAY. And with my trusty Apple Airpods, it’s easy to do even at work. Despite being in an open plan environment, my desk is in the corner and faces a large window to the left. So even though it’s not ideal cos people can kind of sneak up on me, I just plus one into my left ear and most of the time, my boss doesn’t even know I’ve still got it in there when she’s talking to me.


So basically podcasts are (along with audiobooks and regular ol’ paper books) incredibly valuable tools in the whole empire-building thang. And sometimes, they’re just there for pure entertainment value.

Dirty John


If you’ve ever been gaslighted by someone before, you should really enjoy the Dirty John podcast. It’s a true crime miniseries about a dude that waltzes into town, successful and charismatic and promising the world to four-times-married Deb.

Deb is an idiot.

But it does pose a warning sign of domestic abuse that often goes unmentioned – the idea of someone being so over-the-top; such a faker and idealist about your future together and so, by the time they show their true colours, you’re in too deep and you’re questioning what’s real. It’s pretty creepy.

Alone: A Love Story


Kind of in a similar vein to Dirty John in that it’s a miniseries (though this time about 10 episodes long rather than 6), Alone is the type of podcast story I listen to on a Sunday afternoon in the bath. The narrator resells, non-chronilogically, how her relationship with her husband went from being full of love, to a baby, to cheating. And how she comes to deal with being…alone. We’ve all been there.

The Rich Roll Podcast


I cannot believe it took me this long to actually download and truly listen to one of this guys’ podcast episodes and now I’m hooked. The host of The Rich Roll Podcast is an absolute gem, and has the most amazing guests. An athlete on his self-improvement journey, every single episode has a whole necklace of pearls of wisdom. Fans of Melissa Ambrosini should listen RIGHT NOW – I’d be very surprised if she didn’t model her popular podcast on this one.

Being Boss


Being Boss is pretty self-explanatory, really. Boss babes with boss jobs trying to live lives as boss they can. Female entrepreneurs doing their thang, but it’s surprisingly relevant for women who don’t own businesses.

The Black Tapes

If you’re the type who gets a thrill as well as a scare out of ghost stories, then if you haven’t listened to The Black Tapes (which is now running its third season), you absolutely need to. You’ve get everything from tall strangers to the Devil with this one, and the sound effects are incredibly creepy. Each episode forms a piece to the major plot line, but there’s a separate character arc going on behind it all as well. What IS Dr Strand’s story? And why did his wife go missing?


Any you’re listening to at the moment that you can recommend, petals?


The Rose

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