My October Favourites

Hello, velvety little petals!

I love those YouTube vids with the girls and their GLORIOUS monthly favourite items  – usually all things beauty and fashion and perfume. So I thought, why not share these with my own stunning readers? Also I’d love for you to share yours, if you’re so inclined.

Here’s what’s been shagging me silly this month:

Teni Penosian’s Youtube Vid on her Newly Finished House

Speaking of YouTube – I am emerald with envy over the makeup guru’s finished castle. She completely renovated it and demolished shiz and completely overhauled it and it looks positively GRAND. Kudos to her. She seems to have very similar taste to me in general (though, specifically speaking, I’m a little less ‘loving the gold and copper’ and preferring something less brash) and it’s an absolute dream. It can be done, people (though it does make me a little depressed about Australian house prices. That house would easily cost like, 5 mil, I swear).

My New Moschino Flats
Aren’t they beautiful? I don’t usually spend on flats and yet they seem to be everyday staple for me. From the first time I put these babies on I felt like I was wearing clouds on my feet; they’re all embossed and pewter and dreeeeamy. Look at the bolts on the side! Can you see the bolts?!

Hello Fresh

This is a game changer to my grocery bag. If you’re in Australia, you can use my special code AIMEEBB (don’t worry, HelloFresh are all for advertising the code on my site and sharing the love!), which means $50 off your first HelloFresh basket and $50 credit to mine. No obligations to continue – but you probably will. Trust me.


I’ve been trying to eat as balanced as possible, and when you only have two humans to your household a lot of food can still either go to waste, or there just isn’t the ability to have a plentiful rainbow of ingredients at every meal unless we want to go into outrageous amounts of food-related debt (what a financial climate we live in). I basically order Hello Fresh each week on cycle – it’s pretty fun seeing what menus are coming up for the next week, and the lack of decision fatigue that I usually suffer is SO NICE TO NOT HAVE. There’s usually leftovers (unless my lover is being a pig), so it takes me through the next day as well.

Who Gives A Crap! Recycled Toilet Paper

Look at me being all domestic goddess and talking about toilet paper and shit. Not really that last bit though.

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is frickin awesome, and my butt feels really happy with it. 50% of profits are donated to help build toilets in countries in need so I’m feeling good about that too…and not having to go to the store and carry around unwieldy and embarrassing amounts of toilet paper just to save in bulk.
The packaging is pretty damn adorable too.

Spring (The Season)

It’s spring here in Oz, and I am LOV.ING. the weather. It’s been raining on Fridays (I may or may not have had last Friday off work because I wanted to enjoy the pitter-patter on the roof).

We have a really gorgeous Japanese style garden that my apartment looks out onto into the main complex square. The gardener is there every day making sure it looks beautiful (I don’t mind paying the hefty strata fees for it), and it truly makes me happy wandering down there every day for toilet breaks with the dogs. The way he’s got it set up is that all the different flowers bloom in not only different seasons, but at different days of the week. I’ve developed a new appreciation for gardening-by-proxy: I cannot wait to see who will be greeting me today.

So there are my faves this month! What’s been floating your boat, petals?


The Rose

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