How to Plan the BEST Night In

Ohhhh my sweet petals! Have you been treating yo’self?? No??


Trying to save money by not going out? Getting over a breakup? Hiding from the in-laws? NO PROBLEM. At the beginning of your empire building, you’re bound to feel a little lost, moving between motivation and lacklustre wonderings of “Will my life ever actually be better?”

Trust me. Keep going. Just. Keep. Going.

One of the ways to combat the negative ‘tude in the earlier stages of the empire-building process is to plan a night in, free of the shackles of what other people want from you. This is your time to let your mind unwind, and it’s also a time to listen to your intuition and mind and heart. It’s amazing when you have ultimate freedom, and you’re finally allowed to do exactly what makes you feel good, that your mind starts focusing on the next thing you want to accomplish or produce.

So let’s get into what I’ve been doing lately, to really LOVE my nights in.

1. Do something that you’ve been putting off for ages, or that you have on your to-do list for tomorrow

This may sound counterintuitive, but I have boosted my enjoyment of the relaxing nightSO MUCH just by doing something that – subconsciously or consciously – I’ve been putting off. You will feel like a total boss, and much like clenching a muscle, when you’ve done it and released, you’ll be all the more relaxed and ready to bliss out.

2. Grab your favourite comfort item.

It could be a book, it could be your baby blankee, it could be your white PlayStation controller (it is my white PlayStation controller…)

WHATEVER IT IS. Bring it closer to you. It is time to remember and revel in your connection with this inanimate object.

3. Choose a movie or book that has the perfect mix of being comforting and making you think

On nights in, I find that I immediately think it’s a good idea to watch my most-watched movie of all time, for comfort reasons. And every time I watch said movie (I may tell you what it is later) I immediately find myself yawning in boredom. What I find I need is a movie that’s not too shocking, but still thought-provoking. I mean, there’s no point in falling asleep as soon as you give yourself a night in, amirite? Inception it is!

4. Have something simmering or baking in the background.

Are you a terrible cook? I DONT CARE. One of my favourite things to do is to get an easy meal cooking. It doesn’t have to be Bombe Alaska…it doesn’t even need to be sweet! My personal choice is usually putting onion and garlic on a low heat and then adding Roma tomatoes and simmering gently for an hour or two as it turns into the world’s best bolognese base. Having something bubbling away and gently warming the space with an appetising fragrance will make you forget you ever had friends who want to take you clubbing and get you WAY.TOO.DRUNK.

5. Choose a great cup to drink chosen beverage from

Whether you’re drinking wine, champers, tea, grey goose martini or a sweet ol’ soda water, your liquid deserves to be housed in a worthy fashion.

6. Switch off social media

It’s not that hard. Just do it – this isn’t the time for anyone else to be distracting you. This is a time for you to focus on YOU.

7. If you HAVE to use Instagram: message yourself!

Sounds weird, but try it! We spend so much time taking photos that we hope other people will like and scrolling through other people’s jokes, that we forget about how much we should be enjoying our own amazing sense of humour or style. Send yourself an Insta of your fave posts that you want to keep for later, so you can laugh at it and congratulate the poster for being so.damn.funny!

8. Have everything you need within arm’s reach.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. What is the point of cosying up on the lounge with a cozy blanket over you if you’re constantly throwing the blanket off because the remotes sitting right next to the teevs. This is a rookie error – and you deserve what you get if you don’t follow the rule of keeping everything you need within arms reach. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


So there you have it. Everyone deserves a good night in. YOU, on the other hand, are going to actually spend your time having one rather than just dreaming about it.

Enjoy, my sweet petals.


The Rose

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