Ritual: Bathing in Milk

Greetings, my juicy petals!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason this post came up so early on the blog is because yes, I LOVE Cleopatra. I want to have her babies. I just think she’s the coolest, the Regina George of life, if you will, and yeah, I want to be her.

One of the luxe rumours about her is that she bathed in donkey’s/goat’s milk. So I tried it – and guys, it is absolute HEAVENLY DELICIOUS BLISS ON YOUR SKIN.

Imagine immersing yourself in the liquid version of a vanilla cupcake, without feeling sick from too much icing. The other night I had just done a crazy Whitney Simmons HIIT workout, had come home from a really stressful trial that had miraculously but irritatingly been adjourned and was just feeling, well…




Thankfully, my wonderful partner had brought home our recently ordered package of goodies from Sydney-based New Directions. And lo and behold, inside was a 1 kg tub of goats milk powder, unscented. Well, it says unscented, but it seriously smells like cake mix.

Just add the milk powder to the water while it’s filling the tub the same way you would a bath oil or bubble bath. I listen to Creamy Tracks on Spotify (what can I say? I like to do things in theme), but you can choose to do anything, from reading a mag or a book, to wiggling out to audio hypnosis for a good half an hour. Just slide on down and let yourself be the sponge part of a Tres Leches cake. It’s divine.

A day later? I feel like my skin is smooth and creamy like a milkshake.

If you’d like to try it out, New Directions items may not be available for shipping internationally. But don’t fret! Other notable milk bath items include:

Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Milk Bath Powder 500g 17.6oz,
The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Bath Milk, for Sensitive, Dry Skin, 13.5 fl. oz.,

Grapefruit Bath Milk – Ultra Creamy Bath Soak – Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Bath Powder for Aromatherapy, Meditation – Made in EU.

Let me know how you go with the milk baths idea, you gorgeously luxe little petals! They’re just so LUSH (and completely warranted in a life of self-improvement). I promise your skin will never feel the same.


The Rose

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